Recipes Tips

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Tip 1: Read entire recipe
When looking recipe make sure you read over the entire recipe first. This also includes directions/preparations. Doing this can avoid problems like not having certain ingredients.

Tip 2: Make sure you have time
Most of the time you can tell when a dish has been rushed. Reading over the whole recipe is important because it lets the cook know how much time is needed to put in this dish. It also lets you know whether or not you have time to do the dish at that moment.

Tip 3: Have all the ingredients laid out
This allows the cook to work more efficiently instead of rushing through the recipes. It also helps to create less of a mess in the kitchen which means lesser clean-up later.

Tip 4: Always use the recommended brand if stated.
Sometimes we try to cut corners to save a dollar. Specific brands are not always advised but when it is, it is for a reason.

Tip 5: Be cautious when a recipe says “to taste”.
Normally the person who came up with the recipe knows that people have different taste buds so adding more or less will not affect the overall product but taste will vary. This is totally up to the cook.

Tip 6: Shop for Corelle, Corningware, Visions, Pyrex, Snapware, Baker’s Secret and Chicago Cutlery
Give your home, your recipes and food the best quality it deserves by shopping for these brands. These brands are the best way to get the best all-around experience.