Baking Tips

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Whether it is simple pineapple tarts, or savoury Shepard's Pie, it is hard to ignore the enticing aroma of home-baked dishes wafting from your kitchen. The multiple stages involved in preparing dishes for the oven also means that baking is great family fun – the messy nature of mixing, kneading and whisking make them attractive activities for children. When it's time to put the food in the oven, simply assemble everything onto the PYREX® baking trays. You will find that the intuitive features and smart design makes them the ideal baking trays. And afterwards, continue the bonding by sitting down together to enjoy your collective masterpiece.

Try these tips below for a baking good time.

  1. Although baking is a straightforward method of cooking, different foods require different pans. For example, breads and pies need deep dishes while cookies and pastries are more suited to shallow pans. Disposable aluminium trays make poor baking dishes as they heat unevenly and contain “hot spots”. Therefore, invest in a suitable baking pan.
  2. Before baking, test the size and fit of your selected pan in the oven you will be using. A large pan weighed down with ingredients may become unwieldy to handle, especially when hot. Consider using several smaller baking dishes in place of a single, large one.
  3. A warm tray of perfectly baked cookies is simply irresistible. Aim for neat, uniform cookies by allocating sufficient space between portions. Cookie dough flatten and spread out while being baked, and dough portions that are placed too close may come into contact and fuse together. Choosing trays that feature spacing guides will prove useful in producing perfect cookies.
  4. As a way of cooking, oven baking is less interactive than other methods. Unlike deep frying, for example, there is no way to vary the cooking time to suit individual pieces without affecting the rest of the batch. Pieces that are too small may end up dry or burnt while oversized portions may be undercooked. For this reason, it is important to ensure each portion of food to be baked is as consistent as possible. Choose baking trays with portion guides to help you ensure equal portions.
  5. Once the baking is done, the final step is to remove from the oven and transfer to dishes for serving. Removal can prove to be tricky. A careless tear or worse, sticking to the pan, can ruin a perfectly baked cake or tray of pastries. Use cooking-spray to coat the pan for easier release after baking, or choose baking trays with a reliable non-stick coating, like Metal Bakeware by Pyrex. Preventing sticking to the pan not only preserves the visual appeal of the food, but also makes for an easier clean-up.
  6. Nothing achieves the heart-warming feel of a home-cooked meal better than serving the dish straight from the pan. For the perfect oven-to-table meal, choose bakeware made of thermal glass. Such transparent baking dishes offer a see-through peek into the food contained within, tantalising taste-buds long before the first bite.