World Kitchen Use & Care

Use & Care
Before cleaning and doing maintenance, please make sure that the appliance has been unplugged from the power
source and the internal pot has cooled completely.

Washing the steam valve
Remove the steam valve from the lid by pulling outwards. Wash with water and dry with a soft cloth. After that, put the
steam valve back in the lid.

Washing the internal pot
Remove the internal pot and rinse with water. When the pot is greasy, wrap the edge of the internal pot with a cleaning cloth. Hold the internal pot with both hands and rotate clockwise till it cannot be rotated further. Lift and remove, then use a soft brush to wash the pot. After washing, wipe the internal pot dry with a clean cloth. Attention: Remove and install the internal pot gently. Do not use steel wool sponges to clean and wash the internal pot.
If you need to clean the body of the appliance or the inside of it, please either wipe it with a dry cloth or a damp cloth that has been wrung dry. Do not wash directly with water. After cleaning and doing maintenance, please correctly install the steam valve and internal pot. Ensure that all the Orbit Fryer’s accessories are put back in place for subsequent use.